Sunday, September 13, 2015

HUGE 50+ Target Store Pics: Handbags + Boots //NEW Aldo Collection + BOGO Deal!

For those of you who follow me on Facebook or Instagram,  you know how often I am at Target...for those of you that don't, let's just say I am there more than three times a week and leave it at that ;-)

Ever since I spotted the latest collab from Aldo last week in the handbag department (out early at my store), I've been patiently waiting for them to put out the shoes, which was suppose to "officially" launch this past Sunday/Monday. Long story longer, none of the three locations I stopped at had the shoes on display, ugh. Finally a quick check this morning and while the collection is small (7 styles for women), the quality seemed on par with Aldo's regular line of shoes. My store doesn't carry the men's shoes (which I've always thought was odd considering this store has 3 floors), but I did order this pair online for my guy. I still didn't get to see the cut-out bootie I liked online, maybe next time.

Target also added Sam & Libby's fall collection to it's very full roster of new arrivals. I love their shoes, and always look forward to grabbing a pair or two when they go on clearance.

Handbags galore, I didn't know which collection to check out first, I've never seen this many styles to choose from at any given time! Which also means, I'm pretty sure markdowns will come sooner rather than later given the amount of bags available versus how many of them will actually sell out (good news for all of us).

Which shoe or handbag is going in your cart?

 Finally a semi-successful shoe sighting of the new collection!
Not every style was out on the floor...sigh.

If the heel was slightly lower, I would definitely get this pair...on sale anyway.

Shop the handbag collection here


 These are very Chanel meets rockstar flats and are definitely going in my cart when they go on sale.
Sam and Libby is celebrating 25 years of chic with a new collection of their iconic ballet bow flats.

I put these on my Friday Favorites list a couple of weeks ago 
after only seeing the black pair, loved the leopard even more in person!

An entire aisle of Sam & Libby!



Trendy trapeze bags - love the color combos

Cute matching scarves

 This bag reminds me of Kate Spade style, naturally I love it!

A new quilted version of their adorable bags!




 Love that they are stepping up their trendy jewelry game! 


My favorite slip-ons, I may have ordered more than one pair...

 The Brunch So Hard statement tee $12.99 trending all over Instagram!

>> SHOP the entire A+ Collection HERE

SHOP Target BOGO Sale! Buy 1, get 1 for 50% off clothingshoes, and accessories!

Thanks for reading!!

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  1. Man, your Target always has better stuff than mine! :) Thanks for the great pics.

    1. Sure! Always love sharing store pics, hope your store receives the new arrivals soon :)

  2. i'm definitely going to look out for those tweed sam & libby flats! have they always been $35? could've sworn they were $30. either way, i'm going to wait until they go on sale, lol. i need that "bruch so hard" shirt

    1. Hehe, I know, I think the price on the flats has slowly creeped up, either way you know we'll both be holding out for a better sale ;-) That brunch tee is so cute, I can see why it's popular, if only I "brunched" more often, lol

  3. Yesssss. This is awesome! Thanks for posting these Tracy! I always feel like you save me time at Target because I don't have to browse as much since I already know what the inventory will be (er...should be if fully stocked!). Loving the taupe Isa booties and the metallic booties!
    Gina | On the Daily Express

    1. Thank you Gina, that's the reason I take all the pics hoping people can shop it quicker when they make it to the stores and know what to look for :) Those taupe booties were my favorite, the selection is the best it's been!

  4. I always wondered just how often you popped into Target! ;)

    Seriously though - holy shoes, Batman! There's so many great options at your store right now. Over the years, some of my favourite shoes have come from Target. They hold up well, are comfortable AND inexpensive. You can't ever go wrong!

    Something About That

    1. I do live across the street from Target if that helps my case any ;-) I am so with you on the Target shoes holding up, I still have pairs from a few years ago that look new and are still trending, score! Looks like a trip to NY is most definitely on your fall agenda!

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