Monday, September 28, 2015

Adam Lippes for Target 40+ Store Photos + Mini Review!!

Today marked one of the quieter Target designer launches since I've been shopping these collaberations, not that I'm complaining. After the craziness of the Lilly Pullitzer launch in early summer, I think fashionistas everywhere (well, the ones who were actually aware of this collab anyway, thanks to limited marketing) were happy to be able to walk into Target on a Sunday afternoon and actually see the Adam Lippes plaid collection. My store was unusually busy by the time I arrived around 9:30ish, but I was still able to see everything that was available in store, although sizing was limited and it made for some challenging picture taking.

Overall, I loved the bags and shoes, but clothing ran quite large. The prices were on the higher side, even for a designer collection. A few random items such as a ceramic dog canister for thirty dollars (whaaat??) was strange to say the least.  I only purchased the B&W bucket bag and flats, both online. I'll be stalking quite a few items come clearance time and hopefully grab a top and sweater. The good news for all of you that can't make it to the store, most items are still available online

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What did you think of the collection - yay or nay?

Yay for a new collection!!
 On a side note, I thought it was strange to see dogs plastered all over the place, especially 
above clothing, there were only 3 canine pieces in this collection, another odd marketing move.

Crepe Blouse $29.99
This top, like many of them, ran long and large. 
It's also a pattern I see at various store for less, unless this goes on major clearance, I'd pass.

Tank Crepe $27.99
I really liked the tank version of this pattern, but keep in mind it's a fairly deep v-neck, not work appropriate unless layered. This ran particularly large for me,
I would buy an XS (and I'm never an XS!), compared to my usual medium.

The sweater was on my wish list, but it turned out to be much too heavy for me, 
although I did like the fringe and the colors. The armholes were a bit long, definitely size down.

Mohair Coat $69.99
I've seen this style everywhere, pretty much a shapeless coat, LOL, on me anyway. It's meant 
to be oversized, but unless you are a true fashion maven, it's a tricky piece to pull off. 
If I lived somewhere cold, I might consider it though.

Mohair Poncho $59.99
 Hmmm...this was interesting,  if you want a thick poncho with a ton of straight fringe detail, 
then you might like this one. Not for me and I expect this to be one of the main clearance items.

 Usually I am all about the details, this was one of the times where less is more, this would have worked better without both the embroidery and messy tassel.

This was a very boxy and bulky style, not sure who this would flatter and I didn't care for the
tassel zipper detail, it (tassel) wasn't tailored enough if that makes sense to give it a more high-end look. On the model, they show a long layered piece underneath.

Shirt $34.99 (unavailable online)
This shirt was really long and I wasn't sure at first it was the same item I saw online that said "shirt". If you are petite enough, you could probably belt this and wear it as dress, it's an easy shirt to throw on over leggings and look more pulled together. Ran a size large as well.
This was one of my favorites, definitely grabbing this down the line...hopefully.

Layering Vest $39.99
I loved this long sweater vest! Perfect statement piece from the collection that can be styled so many  ways, it's a heavier knit and loved the color blocking. It ran large, my only concern was maybe after a few washes the material could pill.  Ps. I got distracted this morning and somehow completely forgot to snap a photo of yes, it's dark out now, haha. 

  Layered Shift Dress $49.99
I didn't try this on, but it was definitely a different take on a dress, 
it looks like a two-piece but it's actually one piece, surprise! It looked to also run large.

 Jogger Pant $29.99
I'm a sucker for a cute jogger pant and the gingham details were so cute! 
If you are looking for a chic way to wear sweatpants, this is it. 
Another piece I'm hoping to snag on clearance.

Shirtdress $49.99
The dress on the right was moving pretty fast at my store, simple and chic!

All the bags please!
Loved the look and quality of the backpacks and bucket bag. For the price, 
it's a nice item to buy if you want one item from the collection and you will wear them more often.

B&W Backpack $39.99
Gold zipper details looked high-end.

I had a reader ask me about the leather strap details since that's what the item description read online.
I didn't see anywhere on the bag that read leather,  I'm hoping that's the case because that would be amazing! Further investigation is needed!

Travel Bag $49.99
Although I don't even travel much, 
I also want this duffle bag, to match my bucket bag of course ;-)

Love the (possible leather?) tassel detail!

Adorable shoes!

The dust bag was a nice touch!

Flats $29.99
For me, the shoes ran about a half a size big, but that might be because I have wide feet.

I liked this home decor item best, cute little accent pillow.
This says reversible, but it's the same pattern on the back, maybe it was originally suppose to be different or my store received some mistakes, which I doubt, odd either way.

I liked the Threshold brand versions of a similar tan plaid I posted 
earlier in the week on my blog here.

The reverse side of the pillow above looked cheap to me, I would have preferred an all-over plaid.

Once again, I liked the Threshold blanket better than this one.
The other one is softer, larger and only $19.99!

It reverses to a solid cream I believe, since I couldn't see the entire side.

 Ceramic Candle $14.99
This candle had a surprisginly nice scent with very chic packaging.

 Tray Set $25
These trays were really cute and you get 4 pieces, wish they would have also made a tan/cream version for those of us with a more neutral color palette.

I liked the appetizer plates, but not for $30!!

Dog Canister $30
I don't have a dog, but I know I've seen way more affordable containers that were just as cute!
Sorry, not sure what happened to this canister, it was filthy and the tag was already torn off, 
why leave it on the shelf in this condition, the other side was visibly dirty, okay, rant over.

Dog Bowl $14.99

 Cocktail Glasses $25
4-pack Drink Glasses
Reminds me of the big holiday collection a couple years back, a nice gift idea.

I liked the men's collection, very unisex in my opinion and wearable for everyone!

This was really cute, makes me wish they would have added a few more hats.

Cool plaid ceiling decorations

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  1. I liked the bucket bag (plaid) and the flats, but didn't end up getting anything! I was surprised my store still had a big selection in the late afternoon yesterday - hopefully that means we can snag some good clearance deals in the future!

    1. Exactly! I'm hoping for some clearance deals too, although I did already buy the bag and flats ;-)

  2. Great review Tracy! I forgot to mention the beanie was reversible! lol! Oh and I like how we both did a one foot in the shoe review, hehe, I had on flats already that were lace up so I was foot is enough! The flats are really cute, I would've bought a pair if I didn't already own BW flats. But then again you can never have enough! And those soft pants were such a great fit! Let's see what we get on clearance!

    1. Thanks Franci! I wish I had time to try and more things and the mirror nearby and dressing rooms were all taken, your pics are the best. I wouldn't even worry about the beanie, lol. I know I probably forgot a ton of things, that beanie was really cute by the way :) Looking forward to snagging clearance, yay!!

  3. Thank you for mentioning the sizing on the clothing! I was going to buy the tank and dress, but if it runs that large, I may not bother (yay saving money!)


    1. Sure Dana, glad I could help, I know I like reading about sizing and fit too in case I can't make it to the store.

  4. Great round up of photos, Tracy! I peeked at the collection in store yesterday and ours was picked over but still had a lot left. The pumps are my favorite but I rarely wear that style of pump so I passed. I love those cute plaid backpacks too, but can't say I really need one!
    Gina | On the Daily Express

    1. I'm glad you were able to at least see all of it in person, you never know what you may want when it hits clearance, even if you don't "need" anything ;-)

  5. I liked the collection and saw it in person as well. I'm not sure if it's this collection or the whole designer collaboration concept but I saw a decrease in hype with this one. I'm looking forward to potentially snagging some homewares and maybe some clothing when the collection goes on sale. =D