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15 Tips to Shop Adam Lippes for Target THIS Sunday!!

Who's ready to shop the Adam Lippes collection for Target this weekend? For all of you "mad for plaid" lovers, this one is for you! The New York based designer is the latest to launch an affordable line of clothing, accessories, shoes and home decor this Sunday. While Adam Lippes may not be a household name like Lilly Pultizer, fashionistas are familiar with his designs (sold at Neiman Marcus and Net-A-Porter to name a few) and are anxiously awaiting this collection. I'm sharing my shopping tips with you to get everything on your wish list!

Good Luck and Happy Shopping!

15 Tips to Shop Adam Lippes for Target:

Check Out The Lookbook Here
Write down everything you love and make note of anything that is "online only" (view those items via Racked HereSince Target also has their own plaid collection with various brands throughout the store available now, the lookbook is more confusing than ever. Make sure the items you are waiting for are actually Adam Lippes pieces.

Make Your Wish List
Prioritize your favorites! Let's say you have 20 things on your list, you might not be able to get every single thing, but getting the top three favorites will probably be better than getting ten random pieces you weren't even sure you wanted anyway.

Check The Store Locator Here
Plan ahead and check to see which stores will carry the collection here, although it's not always 100% accurate, you can still use it as a guide.

Set Your Budget
After you created your wish list, add prices and think about what you might actually need for your fall wardrobe that you will wear all season long.

Log-In and Clear Your Online Shopping Cart Hours Before the Collection Launches
I always delete everything in my cart prior to launch since having other items already in your cart could slow down the checkout process (an error message can appear that "too many items are in cart" and it will prevent you from adding the Adam Lippes items)  Make sure you are logged in and enter your credit card info and "save" it so you are ready to go. Please do this hours before the launch because websites will be "on maintenance" or disabled to get ready for the big launch.

Place Orders for "Online Only" and Your Must-Have Items First
Remember, you can place multiple orders with either free shipping if you are a REDcard holder or free shipping on orders of $25 or more because once those items are gone, they're gone. You might get lucky finding returned merchandise at a store, but don't take that chance if it's something you really want. 

When In Doubt, Order Both Sizes 
Since sizing can be tricky (especially with online items you haven't even seen!), you'll want to make sure at least one of the items fits correctly and the best way to ensure that happens is to order the two sizes you might wear. Target has the easiest returns, so don't hesitate.

Place Multiple Orders
I usually end up placing two orders with the designer collections, the first one includes my must-have items that I don't want to risk losing by continuing to shop. The second order are the items I was considering and are still available (yay).

I say this all the time (also my golden rule for shopping Black Friday), but checking out fast and not over-thinking something is the only way to shop these launches, this is not the time to be indecisive. Do not start shopping non-Adam Lippes items because they can disappear in a second even if it's in your cart!

10 Be Prepared to Stay Up All Night
Target never announces the exact time of the online launch, basically to avoid their site crashing, unfortunately it still usually crashes at some pint (let's not even talk about the Lilly launch, ugh.), be patient. The time I begin checking online is 9pm, then again every hour on the hour, although it generally launches between 12 midnight and 2 am, painful I know.

11 Get Up Early and Grab Starbucks
You probably stayed up late the night before shopping those online exclusives, but choose another time to catch up on your sleep and grab a coffee, thankfully Starbucks is available at most Target stores (although it's probably best to reward yourself with coffee after your shopping venture ;-) You need to focus on your Adam Lippes items! Depending on what area you live in, expect lines in major cities, and arrive 15-30 minutes early if you have anything on your wish list you do not want to miss.

12 Check More Than One Store Location
I shop at a Target that is close to four more locations! That way, if one store doesn't have what I'm looking for, I can quickly move on to the next location for more merchandise. Larger stores like "Target Greatland" carry a wider selection of clothing in general and the inventory is better overall. However, sometimes checking a smaller store is also a good idea since you might be one of the few customers shopping the collection, it's happened to me more than once.

13 Know the Return Policy 
While it isn't official yet, the last two designer collections have had a 14-day return policy.
If you aren't thrilled with your purchase, maybe waiting for clearance is a better option for you, if you don't love it, don't keep it. Clearance markdowns are usually four weeks after the launch date (sometimes sooner if they aren't selling or there are only miscellaneous items left). 

14 Consider A Target REDcard
I opened up a REDcard years ago when Missoni launched to take advantage of free shipping (with no minimum!), 5%  on all orders, and an extended return policy.

15 Follow Social Media
Be the first to shop the collection online by checking social media. While I have Target's Website up (I continue refreshing the page), I also have my phone next to me checking Instagram using the hashtag #AdamLippesforTarget (and other variations), Twitter to follow The Key To Chic , and Facebook on Target Style's page here. Sometimes links to items go up before the "official" launch and you can score items early.

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Adam Lippes launches online to shop!
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